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Lorna International is a company operating in the oil and gas, telecom, food and furniture market offering a complete line of equipment. The company was founded in 2005 and has been successful in implementing solutions and supplying products to the private and government sector in South America, Africa and Middle East. We focus on providing product and services to a wide range of customers and are not only service and sales driven but also provide resources in consulting and project management so as to provide the client with the best possible solution.

Our scope of supply is one-stop shop for IT products, health food and furniture accessories. We are experts in sourcing manufacturers and suppliers and ensuring the best chain of logistics. We are committed to providing you not only with the best products and services, but those that are best for your organisation’s unique needs.

With over 20 years of combined experience, our skilled staff will provide you with the expertise you require.

IT 80%
Oil & Gas 90%
Body Care 50%
Furniture 70%


Our references speak for themselves.

Oil & Gas

Sonatrach, Anadarco, Kellog, Brown & Root,


Amor BenAmor, SteviaNatus


Telkom South Africa, Sudan telecom, Telefonica Spain, Icosnet Algeria


Real value.

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Oil & Gas

Electrical & Instrumentation Projetcs

Sonelgaz SPE, U$ 500.000

Brown & Root Condor, U$ 970.000

Sonatrach, U$ 12.750.000

Supplier: Edmundson Electrical

Consultant: Lorna Intl

Agent: Lorna Intl

Country: Algeria

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Durum wheat & Stevia

Amor BenAmor Algeria, U$ 70.000

Supplier: Amor BenAmor, Algeria

Client: Sabor Mediterraneo, Brazil

Client: MANN Alimentos,Brazil

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Accessories & Chipboard screws

TLE China, U$ 300.000

Supplier: TLE China

Consultant: Lorna Intl

Agent: BAZAR Praça

Country: Brazil

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Telephony & Security

Icosnet Algeria, U$ 80.000

Sarl CIT Algeria U$ 350.000

Telkom South Africa U$ 10.050.000

Supplier: Intelbras, Techfaith, Huwawei

Consultant: Lorna Intl

Agent: Maredi, CIT , Vegore

Country: Algeria, South Africa

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Data Management

Web hosting & Development

MFG Cevital DA 15.000.000

Jumla Algeria DA 2.555.000

WEBHelp DA 31.000.000

Supplier: Eurl Vegore

Consultant: Lorna Intl

Agent: Eurl Vegore

Country: Algeria


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